Fonds État-Nation

Nation-State Fund

To achieve our ultimate goal of building a Rwandan nation to make it a Nation-State, our Think Tank needs not only human resources, but also material and financial resources. It is for this reason that we have a Fund called: Nation-State Fund.

The mission of the Fund is:
  1. To finance campaigns against segregation, discrimination and hateful messages which are counterproductive for the project of building a Rwanda as a Nation-State
  2. Fund legal actions against any person or state institution that discriminates or conveys degrading, dehumanizing and hateful messages against part of the Rwandan population.
  3. To finance all other activities of the Group

If you agree with our ideas and our fight, we invite you to make a donation to our think tank by clicking on the following link which will redirect you to a secure payment site and we thank you in advance.