About Us

What we believe

  1. We believe that the human race was created in the image of God and that we are all equal before God.
  2. No one has chosen to be born in Rwanda, we all found ourselves there and we are condemned to live together. Rwanda is our only native soil, our homeland, our common heritage. Better then to live there together in peace and harmony.
  3. Everyone should be proud of who they are. Our clan and ethnic diversity instead of being a cause of divisions and discrimination, we rather consider it as strong points of the Rwandan society, which should strengthen our diversity in unity.
  4. The history of our country has taught us that internal wars not only weaken our people as a nation, but they are also an obstacle to the sustainable development of our country and a cause of permanent insecurity throughout the region of the great lakes.
  5. We believe that the suffering and injustice afflicted to a Rwandan citizen or a part of the Rwandan society is a suffering and injustice afflicted to the entire Rwandan nation.
  6. We believe that healing the broken hearts of Rwandans and building Rwanda into a true Nation-State are the only remedies that can lead Rwandans into a process of national reconciliation.
  7. We believe that the geographical location of Rwanda and the fact of having Kinyarwanda speaking populations in all the neighboring countries of Rwanda, commands Rwanda to be rather an element of solidarity and unity of all the countries of the region (peacemaking country) instead of being the cause of conflicts in the region.
Think Tank Think Tank

Our engagement

Platform For Discussion

Make our think tank a platform for discussion, awareness and mobilization to make Rwanda a nation-state where every Rwandan feels welcomed to live and feels at home.

Combat Discrimination

Combat all forms of discrimination and create a fund to carry out concrete actions in this regard.

National Reconciliation

Encourage the process of national reconciliation and play an active and proactive role in it

Promote Peace And National Harmony

Promote peace and national harmony not only in Rwanda but also with all the neighboring countries of the Great Lakes region

About Us

Our Ideology,
Our Philosophy

  1. Our actions are guided by the African philosophy of Ubuntu and Ubumuntu; which means if we translate it from our language Kinyarwanda: To have a spirit and attitude of kindness, love, respect, caring and benevolence towards each other in a community environment because we have humanity in us and we have to act like humans. I am because we are. Without me there is no us and without us there is no me.
  2. At the national level, our ideology is a nationalist ideology which extends into pan-Africanism. In other words, it's like a stream that takes its roots in the Rwandan nation to feed Pan-Africanism.
  3. In terms of foreign policy, our actions are guided by a policy of good neighbourliness, non-interference and recognition and respect for multilateralism.

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